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Aphrodite Necklace

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Legend says that Aphrodite originated from the sea. The goddess of love is said to have come to earth in a scallop shell from the deep blue seas. Inspired by mythology and Greeces vast oceans, we created Aphrodite. The canvas of colours depicts the many shades of polyps, the crocheted cups representing them, and the freshwater pearls are Aphrodite herself. Twisted yarn is hand knotted to form the two side straps of the piece. An engineered disk of crochet is made to join the two straps and a brass pipe is strung through it to give the piece it’s structural integrity and strength. Little double layered cups are crocheted using the micro crochet technique to form the little polyps in the piece. And at last, an element of drama is created with the addition of freshwater pearls that are sewn onto the necklace.

Material: Cotton yarn and real fresh water pearls

Product Length: 12 inch

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