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Marine drive lapis lazuli Necklace

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The Marine Drive Necklace effortlessly exudes an understated elegance, drawing inspiration from the serene beauty of the iconic Marine Drive. The detailed knots in sustainable hemp yarn, paired with the organic appeal of lapis lazuli nuggets in jute, create a timeless accessory that complements any ensemble. It's the perfect choice for those who appreciate refined craftsmanship and desire a quietly striking piece of jewelry.

Material: -  Sustainable Hemp Yarn: Skilled artisans intricately create complex knots using sustainable hemp yarn, ensuring a durable and eco-friendly design.
- Lapis lazuli Nuggets in Jute: The necklace is embellished with lapis lazuli nuggets, flawlessly flanked by jute accents, to add a touch of earthy sophistication.

Product Length: inch

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