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The Zaveri Necklace

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The Zaveri Necklace is an embodiment of the legacy and tradition found within the historic Zaveri Bazaar. Wear it with pride and let it be a symbol of artistry, heritage, and understated elegance. Embrace the allure of old jewelry traditions and carry a piece of Zaveri Bazaar close to your heart. Our jewelry is meticulously crafted with a focus on materials that add richness of texture. Each piece is adorned with stunning kundan pendants, which add a touch of traditional elegance. We also feature mesmerizing prehnite gemstones, capturing the enchanting hues of nature. Additionally, you'll find pyrite and emerald gemstones that exude a sense of vibrancy and sophistication. Complementing these breathtaking elements are the luscious pearls that bring an added layer of elegance to this designs. The use of a brass hand-wound chain further enhances the overall allure of our jewelry pieces.

Material: - Employing traditional craftsmanship, our designs feature a handmade brass chain adorned with vintage-inspired brass-casted beads. Freshwater pearls contribute elegance while our exquisite kundan pendant introduces a touch of royal charm. Furthermore, semi-precious stone beads, featuring pyrite, emerald, and prehnite, elevate our designs, complimented by an intricately engraved kundan pendant. This fusion of materials results in uniquely stunning pieces. The Zaveri Necklace is a bespoke piece. The beads attached to this piece will be slightly different as shown in the picture.
Please check with customer service for the availability of the beads before placing an order for this piece.

Product Length: inch

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